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Air transformation lab



Retailing Transformation. Where are you? 

Accelya launched Air Transformation Lab in 2020 to inject fresh thinking into airline retailing. Since then, the industry has taken giant steps to make airline retailing a reality. 2021 saw NDC go “mainstream,” and airlines become less dependent on legacy. Today’s new Air Transformation Lab asks a fundamental question: when it comes to the path to distribution freedom and retailing excellence, where is your airline on this route? Join us on this exploration into airline retailing from various vantage points to inspire your journey ahead.




This series of articles deep dive into some of the critical areas airlines address on their journey to retailing. The starting point may differ, and the route may take many twists and turns, but the destination is the same. It's an end-to-end transformation. Where is your airline on that journey, and what do you need to know? Read on to explore.


Andrew Webster 4 MIN READ

ONE Order. It's Simple

Accelya’s newly appointed Director of Product Management for ONE Order, Andrew Webster, picks up the story on ONE Order and order management and how its implementation will affect the future of the airline business.

In his first Air Transformation Lab post, Andrew shares his wealth of experience and knowledge from his many years at one of the world’s largest airline groups. Welcome to the team, Andrew!



Fearghal O’Connell 3 MIN READ

Lufthansa Group airlines: How to get on the right path to retailing transformation

Bill Cavendish, Global Business Development in Accelya, caught up with Johannes Walter, Head of Channel Partners, Lufthansa Group airlines.

Johannes tells us about how NDC is at the start of the airline group’s journey toward end-to-end retailing, with ONE Order approaching on the horizon.



Marketing team 1 MIN READ

NDC analytics: Data not deity

There’s a saying, “In God we trust, all others must bring data.” It has never been so relevant than today, as insights will enable airlines to weather the whims of a volatile travel market and fast-track their path back to profitability.



Amanda Campbell 11 MIN READ

Road to retailing excellence - ONE Order and order management

Do you need to get up to speed with ONE Order or do you want a refresher? Curious about how it will affect the future of the airline business? Read our blog for an introduction to ONE Order and order management



Jim Davidson 2 MIN READ

Retailing Transformation. Where are you?

Now I am Accelya’s new Chief Executive Officer. I am incredibly humbled and excited to take the helm of this company looking to change up the retailing opportunity for airlines and the wider industry. So, it feels right to open the next chapter of the Air Transformation Lab. I am calling this chapter “Where Are You?”. Because an airline’s journey can have many starting points. The route can take various turns along the way, but the destination is the same. It’s end-to-end retailing transformation.




Welcome to “Reaching New Heights,” - a new Airline Voice Radio series. Accelya CEO Jim Davidson remains at the mic and is joined by a lineup of airline leaders with fresh perspectives about the road to distribution freedom and retailing excellence. This series will be a cut above the rest, unscripted and unashamedly off-the-cuff. Tune in!

Jiri Marek -Podcast-481X481

Fearghal O’Connell 24 MIN LISTEN

Distribution revolution or evolution?

Accelya CEO, Jim Davidson, continues the "Reaching New Heights" series with Jiri Marek, CEO of Air Serbia. Jiri is a firm believer that distribution needs to transform, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to see if he thinks a revolution or an evolution would work best.



Fearghal O’Connell 23 MIN LISTEN

Setting the tempo for a rocking startup performance, with Birgir Jónsson, PLAY Airlines

The "Reaching New Heights" series returns to the airwaves with Accelya CEO Jim Davidson chatting to PLAY Airlines' CEO, Birgir Jónsson. This startup airline is benefiting from the international travel resurgence and has added many new routes to its portfolio. Not all CEOs can claim to be rockstars, but Birgir was a drummer in one of Iceland’s most famous bands. Now he’s setting the tempo for a great startup performance.



Fearghal O’Connell 20 MIN Listen

Who would want to go back to a non-smartphone? with Neil Geurin, American Airlines

In this first episode in a new season called "Reaching New Heights", Accelya CEO Jim Davidson talks to Neil Geurin, Managing Director of Digital Customer Experience and Distribution at American Airlines. The US carrier is seeing encouraging numbers on their flights and has started thinking holistically about customers rather than if the trip is for business or leisure.




In these relatable videos interviews, airline leaders share their experiences and lift the hood on the front runners' strategies. Hear from your peers at the cutting edge of transformation.


Fearghal O’Connell 7 MIN VIDEO

Reimagining distribution landscapes with George Bryan, Hawaiian Airlines

Earlier this year, we announced that Accelya is powering Hawaiian Airlines' market-first distribution strategy. We sat down with George Bryan, Hawaiian Airline’s Senior Director of Distribution, to learn more about the US carrier’s ongoing transformation journey


Thank you for your interest in the Air Transformation Lab. This new chapter on retailing transformation includes podcasts, thought-leadership blogs, and customer testimonials that will inspire your journey ahead.